How To Contact Us


THE E-MAIL SYSTEM IS TEMPORARILY DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE. Send all e-mail to CRTNJ@hotmail.com or CRT93@aol.com for now! THANKS!
By now you're probably wondering how to get in touch with someone here at CRT. We, the web designers, have set up an e-mail system to handle your requests and direct them towards the intended people. IMPORTANT: Please put for the "subject" of any e-mail "CRT" or else it might be deleted or ignored accidentally. Thanks!

For web-site related correspondence only:
The webmasters can be reached at: (Blase) Blase@crt.iwarp.com or Blazer2001@aol.com (Pat) Pat@crt.iwarp.com or PBandJ12@aol.com and can answers any of your CRT homepage questions and all "bug" reports and comments should be sent to them.

To volunteer to help out:
Please contact Tony Smith at Tony@crt.iwarp.com or ASmith3696@aol.com.

For any other topics, please send an e-mail to CRT@crt.iwarp.com, and your e-mail will be directed towards the most appropriate person. In any case, someone involved with CRT will read and (if applicable) respond to your message. If so desired, you can get any question answered by a knowledgable person, get inside information on our plays, volunteer to help us out (if you're from New Jersey and can commute to our rehearsals), join our mailing lists for the latest news, and more! All by sending to our main CRT@crt.iwarp.com e-mail address. Thank you.

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