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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a page devoted to answering common questions about the CRT web page.

Q: "This page looks strange to me" and "what web browser should I use?"
A: Due to the problems of web compatibility issues, your web browser is most likely the culprit here. But, if you believe that you have found a "bug" in this web site, please inform Blase immediately. Please include the web browser you are using, page where you found the "bug", and what the problem is.
This page contains many advanced features. These features include many Java and Javascript functions, as well as marquess, background and text colors, and numerous other relatively new advancements in technology. To make sure that you are able to see these various functions, we recommend using a new web browser. Some examples of these browsers are the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.0. While America Online 4.0 with Microsoft Internet Explorer included should show the page without many problems, we recommend the first 2 choices. Also, MIE 5.0 and AOL 5.0 haven't been tested on this site enough to render a verdict, but you should be safe with them.

2. Q.I think that this is a great site. Who should I tell this to?

A. Just email CRT@crt.iwarp.com and say what ever you want about this site. We would love to hear from you! That is also the address for everything else related to this site. And don't be afraid to send mail to us. We appreciate hearing about how we can improve this site.

3. Q.How can I contact CRT by phone?

A. Please call (908)276-5053 and leave a message on the machine.

4. Q.How do I join the mailing list?

A. E-mailing list info or Postal mailing list and joining CRT info

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